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Global Stage Inc. is the leading marketing & business consulting firm located in Japan and the U.S. for spirited, family-friendly consumer brands and service companies in food, education and healthcare industries that are expanding their businesses overseas. It is our mission to discover new business opportunities around the world with our unique business models and services.
We understand what it takes to build a family-friendly and admired brand in overseas markets,
with a deep understanding of the targeted markets, the competition, and current local market trends.
Our approach to growing clients' businesses includes marketing research & promotion strategies and business consulting services based on utilizing our research communities "Global Stage Lab" and women and parenting networks or organizations in Asia and North America.


  • Customized Market Research
  • Writing & Content Creation
  • Business Consulting & Business Matching


Create sustainable values for the future of families around the world.


  • Global Mothers Research Institute

    Marketing services for your business that are supported by women researchers around the world.

    We have researchers in almost 40 countries worldwide. Our worldwide team performs market research, collects information, and analyzes the data.Then we deliver the precise information that meets your business needs.


Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.

Education and publishing company

Conducted market research in North America for children’s workbooks using Global Stage’s mom-network around the world, and collected questionnaire to know where and why they buy workbooks and how they use the books.

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