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  • Effective solutions with low initial costs
  • Marketing plans based on detailed research in each country of your target female audience
  • Thoughtful customer service and continued support to increase your brand value


Provide unique high-quality products and services that will improve the quality of family life around the world.


  • Global Mothers Research Institute

    Marketing services for your business that are supported by women researchers around the world.

    We have researchers in almost 40 countries worldwide. Our worldwide team performs market research, collects information, and analyzes the data.Then we deliver the precise information that meets your business needs.


    Marketing service targeting Asian females in local areas of your market through our web magazine and online personalities.

    We create content tailored to local areas, conduct market research and promotion using websites and social networks, facilitate focus group interviews, and organize product development workshops.

  • Fematch

    Encourage, Enable and Empower by Engaging Right Sponsors

    Fematch is a global platform where women's organizations and communities can connect with corporate sponsors around the world. The women's communities receive compensations, product samples, and services by participating in research and promotional activities offered by corporate supporters.

  • Mama-Gokoro Marketing

    Utilize the mind of mothers = mind of consumers for product development and promotion.

    Males and females tend to take different approaches when deciding to purchase something. We organize “co-creation workshops” with mothers in your target audience and use that experience to create new products and services. We also conduct focus group interviews to study existing products and services and provide data and feedback that you need to enter the Japanese market.


Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.

Education and publishing company

Conducted market research in North America for children’s workbooks using Global Stage’s mom-network around the world, and collected questionnaire to know where and why they buy workbooks and how they use the books.

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